Monday, 26 April 2010

The real problem the content industries have right now

What's really happened over the last few years is the creative industry's rebel façade has be pulled away. It doesn't matter any more whether they stop file sharing. The damage has already been done. Never again will we believe, "it was never about the money," because they've made it patently obvious. It always was about the money.

Now they're just like plumbers and if we don't like their charges, we'll do it ourself. We'll make our own music and we'll share it for free. Of course it won't get the mass market Big Content companies want, but no none ever explained to me why that's a problem. If 1000 musicians have 1000 fans each, that's at least as good as one band having a million fans. In fact, it's probably a whole lot better.

The mass market is on its way out. Deal with it.

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