Sunday, 24 October 2010

So there are programs that rip Blu-Ray after all

I was discussing this topic on IRC recently. At the time I wasn't aware of any applications that performed this task. So I was of no help to my fellow chatter. Since then I've asked more widely and come up with the following list.




HD Decrypter

As I understand it, these programs would be illegal to use in the USA, because of the DMCA, as well as being illegal in many parts of the EU, depending how member states interpret the EU copyright Directive, but by the same token, I assume they're perfectly legal to use in countries like India and New Zealand. I'd be interested if anyone can correct me on these assumptions.

Personally, I won't buy Blu-Ray films, precisely because I can't copy them. If I can't make back ups, then I don't really own them and I've never believed in renting. It's dead money, as they say.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Why I had to download most of KDE, yet again

It all comes down to Blogging software. I read the reviews and tried them all. I tried Drivel. I tried Gnome Blogger. I tried Blog GTK and I tried several others I've forgotten the name of. Not one of them was anywhere near as good as Blogilo. Oddly enough, Blogilo wasn't mentioned in any of the reviews I read. In fact, thinking back, I seem to remember it took me ages to find it the first time. I put this down to having such a weird name. Anyway, there's one big drawback with Blogilo, for the Gnome user. It seems to need almost every major set of KDE libraries. It's a real kitchen sink job. 72 separate files I didn't need when I was using Gnome. Come on Gnomes. Make some decent Blogging software for crying out loud.