Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Why Apple may never reach the mass market and why it's so obvious

OK in every new market (such as tablets right now) Apple surges to a massive market share. Why is this? Well here's the deal. The people who buy Apple products are rich, so as soon as a new product comes along they can just take those hundreds of pounds out of their petty cash and buy it.

The rest of us meanwhile, the ones who covet an Android phone for example, have to budget for items like that. Once we have the reserves, we'll get out and buy what we want. We make take longer, because we're not as impetuous as these Apple Junkies, but what we are, is a lot greater in numbers, so eventually we'll swamp the market and Apple's share will dwindle, because Apple only has early adopters.

There is no mass market for Apple goods and there never will be. There's no magic about this. It's so obvious and yet no one in the Apple press gang ever gets it. They really are wearing roses.


  1. Ah, but there doesn't need to be a mass market. Apple does quite well serving the market they have chosen.

    So from their point of view, why change?

  2. Apply don't want to sell commodity items. They want to keep them from becoming a commodity because then the margins drop.