Tuesday, 11 January 2011

I lost an argument on the train yesterday

Yesterday I was on a train talking to a man seated opposite. He was using a Laptop and muttering. This is roughly what was said:

MAN I hate this new laptop.

ME Yeah?

MAN Yeah I've had to change to Windows 7, managers orders.

ME What were you using?


ME What's the problem?

MAN It's completely different.

I stay silent.

MAN I told them I was quite happy as I was.

ME But you're gradually getting used to it?

MAN Yeah.

MAN (More animated now) But that's not the point. I knew how to use the old system already. Why do they have to change the Interface. I can understand why they have to change how it works underneath, for new technology, music players and all that, but why make the user change What's the point of that?

ME I suppose they'd argue it makes it more usuable.

MAN But how can anything they change be easier than what I'm already used to?

I'd already lost the argument.

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