Friday, 11 June 2010

My growing problem with Apple

I never really paid Apple much attention before this year. Historically, I was a Windows user, but over the last few years I've gradually used Linux more and Windows less. I had a brief period using Mac OSX 10.39 (Panther?) For me, it didn't match up to Mac loving colleagues descriptions. It was a perfectly serviceable system, but nowhere near worth the asking price, so I stopped using it and forgot about it.

Then it turned 2010 and all of a sudden Steve Jobs was suddenly and then constantly in my face. Every week brought me a new story where he was either threatening to sue all and sundry over some ridiculously broad software patent, or else playing Rumpelstiltskin about some minor infraction of his ever changing iPhone developer contract. So it seemed no one could actually rely on any third application staying around, beyond Jobs' whim.

To ensure developers wouldn't get fed up and leave, Jobs had to make sure they couldn't possibly develop cross platform applications. So now these developers work within this tiny walled garden and hope Jobs doesn't get out of bed the wrong side one morning and move the wall.

This is not a computer platform. This is deja vu and it's the nineties all over again. This time around, Microsoft is IBM. Google is Microsoft and Android is Windows, but Apple is still Apple and they're headed back to elitist obscurity, where they belong.

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